Paul has been a professional broadcaster and voice-over artist for more than 23 years and a full voice demo and more examples of his work can be seen and heard at http://www.pauljenglish.com


Paul has a smooth and clear voice with a light Mid-Atlantic/ Mid-Pacific/ Australia accent perfect for international and more sophisticated projects. His voice has also been described as easy-going, warm, natural, rich, cultured, sexy, persuasive, friendly, authoritative, educational, deep and informative.


His voice is suitable for narrations, promos, IVRs and commercials covering:

  • Exclusive/ luxury goods
  • Hard or soft sell
  • Sporting
  • General narration
  • Educational & e-learning
  • Corporate

Vocal Training

Paul is also an expert trainer with years of teaching and training experience. Let him work with improving your voice in the following ways:

  • Tone - rounding and mellowing the sound to make it interesting
  • Accent - smoothing strong a Australian accent into a more cultured one
  • Pitch - helping take it lower or higher
  • Phrasing - how to break delivery into easier parts to help understanding
  • Pace - fastening or slowing down the delivery
  • Assertiveness - make you sound more authoritative (great for women)
  • Clarity - increasing the enunication and reducing slurring and laziness

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